(NewsUSA) – As the leaves fall and the cold weather approaches, everyone begins to feel a little football fever. Just like the greatest coaches check their starting line-ups each year, make sure that your vehicle’s most important parts and systems aren’t corroded, empty, deflated or worn out. With kick-off around the corner, Firestone Complete Auto Care offers the following tips to ensure your vehicle is ready for fall after a long, hot summer.

Run some drills.

* Remember to have your belts, hoses, air filters, windshield wipers, lights, fluids, and battery cables and terminals all checked by a professional before the fall season begins.

* Fall weather can be wet and dreary. One way to prepare your vehicle for the wet weather is to check the tire treads with the “penny test.” Insert a penny in the tread, Lincoln’s head down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, the tread is worn and the tire probably needs to be replaced.

* Make sure to have your tires rotated according to the schedule in your vehicle’s maintenance guide — usually every 5,000 miles. Regular rotation will even out the wear patterns on your tires.


* Check your vehicle’s fluid levels, including transmission, brake, power steering, windshield washer fluids and coolant to make sure they’re properly filled.

Get some air.

* You can’t tell if a tire needs air just by looking at it. The only sure-fire way to determine if your tire needs air is with a tire gauge. The tire could be six to 10 PSI under-inflated and still look fine.

Having a creative playbook is a must for any successful football team, but having a well-maintained vehicle is a must for any driver. So blitz the bad weather, and make sure your car is well equipped for this fall!