MANILA – The former Pinay nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry, Araceli “Lillie” Piccio, has received an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 (UK time).

Piccio, called “Miss Lillie” by the late Lady Diana, served in the royal household for eight years until a few months after Lady Diana died in 1997.

The 15-year-old Prince William told Piccio when she left, “When I get married, I will take you back”.

She was the first Filipina employed by the royal family.

Araceli, a nurse who had a part-time stint at ITV-4, got hired after she met a lady who was in charge of recruiting candidates for the royal household.

Working for Princess Diana, her husband Prince Charles and their two sons was something that Araceli enjoyed.

She recalled that Princess Di used to ask her to wake her up in the morning. She also recounted the warmth and generosity of the Royal Couple, never forgetting the birthdays of their staff and giving them gifts with personalized cards, as well as hosting “barbeque parties” where Princess Di and Prince Charles bonded with their staff.

Araceli is currently in London working under a different employer.