MANILA, Oct 26 (Mabuhay) –Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos have always been open about their relationship, from their fun moments to how they deal with conflicts. GabLil gained lots of supporters because of their healthy tandem, to the point of calling them #RelationshipGoals.

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos (MNS photo)

In an online interview, Gabbi talked about what made her say yes to Khalil.

“We have this certain connection that I couldn’t find from other people. It’s a different kind of connection — it’s like you’re with your soulmate, parang ganun,” she said.

Gabbi continued to define a soulmate as someone to whom you can show your true self with zero worries.

“No matter how good it is or bad it is, as long as you can, like, show your true self to that person, parang I feel like yun na yun talaga,” she said. “Never ako nagkaroon ng hindrance to show my true self to Khalil. I know that he never judged me in any way.”

The “Love You Stranger” stars also said that it is a healthy relationship if a couple brings out the best in each other, rather than the notion of completing someone, which Gabbi calls a “red flag.”

Echoing her sentiments, Khalil said, “It’s finding a person that you could share life with, that you could complement rather than looking for someone to fill you.”

Khalil added that having the same wavelength is what makes two people soulmates. “[Gabbi and I are] on the exact same wavelength. And it’s very important din kasi we have the same way of communicating.”

The couple also said that they get each other so much that they even finish each other’s sentences.

“Maraming beses din ‘yung tipong alam ko na kung saan niya ako dadalhin,” Khalil said.

“Ang hirap mang surprise,” Gabbi added. (MNS)