Myrna Aquitana_LighthouseA couple of years ago, a dear friend and former media colleague, Dave Casuco, who suddenly passed away this year, included this writer in  his poignant Thanksgiving article thanking me for our “five-o’clock let’s beat the happy-hour rendezvous at Glendale Americana’s Cheesecake Factory” so this time, I’d like to honor him by thanking him for teaching me how to be tolerant of people’s idiosynchrasies and forgive those who have trampled on our righteous ways, for in their simple-minded ways, some virtue of goodness might come along the way.

I am thankful for being part of the BMI Communications Group, whose achievements are reflected in its hardworking staffers’ work ethics as well as the familyatmosphere that abound, which makes the work environment all the more pleasureable making each one an integral part of its success..

I am thankful to know a media colleague and friend, Lydia Solis, whose integrity I admire among the superlatives of virtue in her, including the superb handling of our Press Club treasury during the succesful four-years of my term as President, highlighted by our donation of $9,000 to the Typhoon Sendong victims back home.

I am thankful to Dindo Reyes, entertainment editor/writer and former producer of the Miss Asia USA Beauty Pageant whose knowledge and support were there when we needed him most on some of our production endeavours.

I am thankful in cherishing childhood memories with old  friends from my hometown, (Arlene Vallesteros, Nanette Jongco and Princit Tinio) who all remain to be in touched via facebook and electronic communication systems.

I am thankful to my former high school classmates (Lorna Juico, Ruby Pineda, Tess Endriga, Sylvia, Anderson, Oying Miclat, Shirley Ruby, Girlie Cuatico, Estella Antonio, Madeleine Venida & Lourdes Chiong), who are all here in the US, who take their time to meet with us wherever possible.

I am equally thankful to have been mentored by knowledgeable teachers in their field of expertise like Zenaida Amador, our disciplined high school theatre guru, Dr. Damiana Eugenio, our thesis department Dean in college, whose benevolent nature we admired, Dr. Lucila Hosillos for her Literary expertise and for department professors: Dr. Epifanio San Juan, for his outstanding Linguistics classes, Professors Josefina Mariano for her significant facultty friendship and Carmelita Ramirez, for allowing us to understand Shakespeare in his most profound way.

I am thankful in belonging to the sisterhood bond instilled in us when we were in college, as members of the UP Sigma Delta Phi Sorority and further establishing a new chapter here in LA,  through the blessings of Alumni President, Linda Gamboa who guided us in co-founding the West Coast Sigma Delta Phi Alumni Association, whose mission and ideals empower the lives of our alumni and the communityas well.

I am thankful to Dr. Nick Agpalo, whose dental expertise has bequeath this writer’s family for almost 35 years.

I am thankful to Julpha Campaniano, whose genuine personality, thoughtfulness, sincerity and generosity has  brought our 20-year bond of friendship through a cycle of ups and downs.

I am thankful to Gigi Powers and CelyDe Leon for the almost 18 years of their knowledgeable advise on fashion and personal care.

And most of all,  I am thankful for the success of my children and likewise looking forward to my grandchidren’s achievements in the future.

But most importantly, I am thankful to HIM who has blessed me with good health and an abundance of happiness based on a simple llife. Wishing you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!