Good news for the lactose intolerant

For the estimated one in 10 Americans who suffer from lactose intolerance, dairy is a dilemma.

Dairy’s Dietary Importance

The National Institutes of Health says dairy is “the most significant source of calcium, which helps to form and maintain healthy bones and teeth.” For people who are lactose intolerant, however, dairy can lead to tummy trouble. Fortunately, points out celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff, RD, “Quality goat dairy offers nutritional benefits and great taste that can be enjoyed by all, including those who don’t tolerate cow milk products. You can also find national brands of lactose-free cow dairy, including fluid milk as well as more recently introduced yogurt and kefir. Both are excellent alternatives and easy-to-digest options.”

Get Your Goat. Have A Cow.

For example, goat milk is more easily digestible than cow milk for most people and so may be enjoyed by many who are lactose intolerant. This can be important for infants and children.

“Goat milk is a great-tasting alternative for many people who are sensitive to traditional dairy. They get the good nutrition of dairy without experiencing the unpleasant side effects. Goat milk is also naturally homogenized and, therefore, less processed,” said Jennifer Bice, winner of last year’s American Dairy Goat Association Premier Goat Breeder award.

What’s more, goat milk is higher in calcium and vitamin A than cow milk and the natural buffering qualities of goat milk make it beneficial for people with ulcers and other stomach problems. For the freshest flavor and best taste, look for goat milk products made with Grade A goat milk, such as those from Redwood Hill Farm. This family-owned farm has been making award-winning yogurts, kefirs and artisan cheeses for more than 40 years.

Another Answer

It’s now also possible to readily find lactose-free, real cow dairy yogurt, kefir and sour cream. Green Valley Organics makes its line of lactose-free dairy products by adding the enzyme lactase during the production process.

In addition to being delicious, Redwood Hill Farm and Green Valley Organics products contain all-natural ingredients, including Flourish—a custom blend of 10 live active probiotic cultures found in both companies’ kefirs and Green Valley Organics yogurts. Both dairies’ products are gluten free, kosher certified and free of artificial sugar, coloring, preservatives, stabilizers or powdered milk. Only the highest-quality, 100 percent fresh goat and cow milk is used, and Green Valley Organics’ milk comes from farms that are Certified Humane Raised and Handled.

How To Have It

There are a variety of ways to enjoy easy-to-digest goat milk and lactose-free cow milk products, and one of the best and easiest may be Double Dip “Ice Cream”: Combine one pint of Green Valley Organics yogurt and one half pint of Redwood Hill Farm kefir in a home ice cream machine and follow instructions for a creamy treat.

Other delicious things to do with lactose-free cow milk and great-tasting goat milk products include:

•              Delightful drinks: Mix equal parts plain kefir with orange or tomato juice or stir in chocolate.

•              Cool soup ideas: Combine equal parts of plain yogurt or kefir, tomato juice and a mixture of finely chopped cucumber and dill.

•              Give fresh fruit a boost: Add a little honey or several drops of extract, such as vanilla or almond, to plain or vanilla yogurt. Serve over fresh berries, bananas or a mixed fruit salad.

•              Perk up a baked potato: Use lactose-free sour cream or plain yogurt instead of butter. Sprinkle with chopped chives.

•              Bake brilliantly: Use goat milk or lactose-free kefir in place of ordinary milk or buttermilk for light, fluffy results in muffins, pancakes and breads.

•              To tenderize meat as a marinade: Yogurt makes an excellent tenderizer for grilled lamb, chicken or fish; use plain or stir in Dijon or blend with soy sauce, oil and vinegar.

•              Create a great changeup for your coleslaw: Substitute yogurt for mayonnaise in coleslaw dressing recipes.

•              Make a more perfect parfait: Substitute vanilla yogurt for the ice cream, add honey and crumbled gingersnaps.

More Information

To learn more about these wholesome products and award-winning dairy goats and Earth-friendly business practices, visit At you’ll find tips on living with lactose intolerance plus great recipes. (NAPSI) ■


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