By Ruth Abbey Gita-Carlos

TAKING A GIANT STEP. Economist Ramon Orosa (left) on Saturday (Jan. 14, 2022) advises the Marcos administration to take a “giant step” to address the “extreme” challenges the country is currently facing. In a forum in Quezon City, Orosa said the government must ensure “political stability, economic growth, and wealth for as many citizens as possible.” (Photo by PNA-Ruth Abbey Gita-Carlos)

MANILA – The administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos must take a “giant step” to address the current challenges besetting the country, a known financial and economic analyst has said. 

In the Saturday News Forum held at Dapo Restaurant in Quezon City, Ramon Orosa said the government cannot afford to be complacent, given “this nation is facing extreme challenges.”

“It’s a real, real challenge to government to pull the strap and make a giant step that we need to step in the next six years. There is no time for complacency. There is a time for great urgency, and seriousness, and such critical thinking that [are] effective for the nation,” Orosa said.

The economist made the call, as he acknowledged that the Philippines is lagging behind its neighboring countries.

He added that the government’s principal objective must be to ensure “political stability, economic growth, and wealth for as many citizens as possible.”

“Pursue our own path and do whatever we can,” Orosa said. “Every administration that comes in, its greater purpose is to provide, not just the benefits but enable the people of that nation to be able to grow in terms of their productivity and wealth.”

The Marcos administration should also make sure that its programs and initiatives would bring progress and development to the country, Orosa said.

He added that the government should also adopt the “principle of increasing the productivity of the people.”

“What does productivity mean? This year, if I were able to do so much, next year, I’m able to do more because I have learned more. That’s the only way you increase productivity,” he said.

“All the programs of the government, when you take a look at it from the macroeconomic standpoint, must all point to one direction — the greater welfare and benefits and wealth of the people of this nation,” he added.

The President and his administration are making “all the right moves” to achieve the country’s economic transformation, Presidential Communications Office Secretary Cheloy Garafil said last November.

Garafil also ensured that Marcos is committed to making the lives of all Filipinos better in a post-pandemic economy, adding that the government is pursuing programs aimed at creating more jobs and ensuring food security. (PNA)