(NewsUSA) – In these challenging economic times, growing companies are caught between a rock and hard place. They are required to grow sales, but with a limited marketing budget. To exasperate the situation, marketing can feel like throwing money into a fire because it’s often impossible to judge the results. In 2010, over $131 billion was spent on advertising in the U.S., often with poor results for the companies left with massive advertising bills.

Rather than rushing to buy expensive newspaper advertisements or sponsorships, many companies are placing a premium on reliability, seeking marketing and advertising methods they can count on for quality and value. These companies tend to seek investments from companies such as Lincoln Center Capital (LCC), the national leading private equity firm that invests in media and media services in exchange for equity in private and public corporations. LCC has developed a technologically advanced platform that guarantees not only traditional media via print and radio, but online and social media as well. LCC provides guaranteed quantifiable results and 24/7 metrics of the value of its media program.

LCC’s media platform is so successful that rather than receiving cash, LCC invests equity. LCC’s clients like that the company takes equity risk and puts its money where its mouth is. As can be expected, growing companies seeking an investment from LCC must meet their comprehensive due diligence requirements. In addition, LCC helps companies preserve cash and utilize it to further maximize value for their shareholders and corporate objectives.

This platform has been effectively utilized by such corporate giants as Apple, AOL and, more recently, Groupon. LCC guarantees that every media release it creates and distributes for its clients will generate a minimum of $25,000 in advertisement value. Furthermore, social media releases that focus on distribution through Facebook, Twitter and other online websites are guaranteed a viewership of at least 30 million people per release.

“Many companies do not know how to effectively maximize their marketing dollars to grow their businesses,” stated Jake Shapiro, president of Lincoln Center Capital. “Not only do we work closely with our companies to make sure the right message is being delivered to the right consumers or B2B buyers, but we guarantee total and complete satisfaction for each and every media release.”

In a world where growing companies are spending millions of dollars on marketing and advertising, at least there is one area where shareholders can find a dependable and demonstrable solution.

For more information, visit www.lincolncentercapital.com.