GWP LAUNCHES NEW home water reports to help increase conservation efforts

gpw-logoGLENDALE, California – Glendale Water & Power (GWP), in partnership with WaterSmart Software, has launched a pilot of the WaterInsight Program to encourage more water conservation among residential customers. The program includes WaterSmart’s bi-monthly Home Water Report designed to provide 18,000 single-family residential customers with a more granular understanding of their water consumption, and help drive conservation among residents. In addition to the reports, pilot participants will have online access to their profile and usage information via the WaterInsight customer portal beginning in late August & September of 2014.

WaterSmart’s Home Water Reports (HWRs) compare customers’ water use to homes with similar attributes, including number of people and lot size. HWRs also include personalized recommendations for how residents can conserve more water and save money. High usage and continuous usage alerts are also part of the program that inform customers immediately of potential leaks.

Participating customers can update their profile at any time on their WaterInsight portal or complete the survey that was mailed to them early August to ensure their information is current. These details help WaterSmart provide customized water-saving actions and a more accurate comparison. The WaterInsight portal also shows customers their daily water use in near real time and encourages them to “pledge” to make changes, such as, investing in high efficiency toilets and showerheads, or replacing a grass lawn with drought tolerant plants.

“We are very excited to provide our customers with near real time, detailed information and insights of their household water usage, allowing them to make appropriate changes to reduce overall water consumption,” said GWP’s General Manager Steve Zurn. “By taking great strides to modernize our utility, we are able to give our customers helpful tools such as WaterSmart to manage consumption and increase conservation,” added Zurn.

Many districts, including Glendale, are eager to offer new creative ways to encourage consumers to conserve and be mindful of their water usage, due to the recent implementation of Phase II Mandatory Water Conservation. In a recent independent study by the California Water Foundation, WaterSmart’s program was proven to triple customer engagement, while reducing residential water demand by as much as 5% per year.

WaterSmart’s Home Water Reports are similar to the web portal functionality and the Home Energy Reports provided by Opower.

For more information please visit or contact GWP’s Customer Service at 818-548-3300.

Glendale Water & Power is the City of Glendale’s utility, which provides water to 33,744 customers in Glendale, California. The city-owned utility also generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to 85,358 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

WaterSmart Software helps water utilities educate and engage their customers to save water and money. WaterSmart offers a turnkey, cloud-based engagement, analytics, and behavioral water efficiency solution that helps utilities save water – up to 5 percent – in as little as six months. Come help us change the way the world uses water.

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