Hayden Kho (MNS Photo)

Hayden Kho (MNS Photo)

For the first time since the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) returned his medical license, Hayden Kho finally broke his silence to share his feelings now that he’s allowed to practice medicine again.

Kho admitted there was a point in his life when he already gave up on getting back his license.

“In 2009, when they told me ‘You can no longer practice as a doctor,’ it really broke my heart. I thought that was permanent. I was not really expecting anymore,” he said.

That’s why the PRC’s decision came as a surprise to him, Kho said, especially since he was out of the country when the commission rendered its decision.

Fresh from his trip abroad where he took classes on Apologetics, Kho said he has not even read yet the documents from the PRC reinstating him as a doctor.

“Honestly I don’t know how it works. In fact, I haven’t even seen the papers that were sent to my parents’ house. I just arrived so hindi ko pa nakikita. Pinadala lang ng mom ko ‘yung pictures,” he said.

Kho also clarified reports saying that getting back his license was the reason behind his decision to become a Christian.

“I did not do that so that I could gain my medical license back,” he said about his faith. “Why did I do what I did? The answer to that is I wanted to seek the Lord and in my experience, when I go to those places, in India, the poorest of the poor, when I helped out, I feel God more in my life. The beautiful thing about this is God does want to let his children know who he is,” he said.

After everything that he has been through, Kho said he is grateful to have his mother beside him.

“I love you mommy. Those seven years were very tough for me. Maraming beses kami nag-away ng mom ko. Ngayon ko lang talaga naiintindihan ‘yung heart ng isang mom. She’s been very very patient with me. We fought many times but the love is still there. Ngayon ko lang naiintindihan ‘yung love,” he said.

Asked about the most important lesson he learned from this ordeal, Kho said: “We all long for love. Doon sa mga tao na nagkamali before, and everyone abandoned you, I have been through that place. If you need someone to love you, if you need a hand that will hold you and they are not there, always remember that there’s a heavenly Father who wants to put his arms around you.” (MNS)

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