Heart Evangelista (MNS Photo)

MANILA, Apr 30 (Mabuhay) — A Twitter user expressed excitement about getting a nose job from a doctor who supposedly did the same procedure on Heart Evangelista, and the actress is not going to take it sitting down.

Reacting to the now-deleted post, Evangelista asked the Twitter user to give her the name of the doctor who made such a claim, reiterating that she never got a nose job.

“Who is this doctor? Because I can actually tell him I didn’t do my nose and he is lying to you. Please give me the name. You can actually sue him for lying to you,” she said.

In another tweet, the actress said: “To anyone who claimed the same to you, please message me their names. This is horribly wrong. To lie to you about this is just so, so wrong.”

While she sees nothing wrong with the idea of getting cosmetic surgery, Evangelista set the record straight that she has not undergone such procedures.

“To anyone out there who wishes to get cosmetic surgery, I am for making yourself a better version but do not believe if they said they did my face, etc. For the record, I didn’t,” she said.

“When I’m older and ‘di na kaya tiisin, I don’t mind doing some procedures and I will refer who is good,” she added.

In her vlog last February, Evangelista said she has not tried cosmetic surgery as she is “so conscious about changing or altering my image,” noting that she started young in showbiz.

But she admitted that she is open to “changing a few things” when she gets older.  (MNS)

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