Heart Evangelista (MNS photo)

MANILA, June 9 (Mabuhay) — Heart Evangelista is known for her passion for anything related to fashion, beauty, and luxury.

But the actress revealed that she is also a foodie as she talked about her life-long food obsession.

Answering questions from her fans in her latest vlog, Evangelista admitted that she loves to eat and watch videos about food, particularly bread.

“Oh my God. I do love scrolling on TikTok and Instagram for reels where they make food, cookies, bread. I love bread,” she said when asked about her guilty pleasure.

“I kind of shifted my lifestyle because I wanted to be very healthy, so I have a strict diet. But I do give in every Saturday and I have bread — cinnamon roll, pan de sal, croissant,” she added.

Saying she can talk about bread “all day,” Evangelista said she’d be happy even if that is the only thing she eats.

“Even if you bring me to a really nice restaurant [and] if you just serve me bread and butter, I’m a happy person,” she said.

The actress also turns to bread to cheer her up on “bad days.”

“Eat bread, eat ensaymada. Put it in the microwave, let it melt. Let it like be so oily, juicy, cheesy, chewy. It’s so good,” she said.

Another local bread that she loves is pan de sal with kesong puti, saying: “Diyos ko, Lord, it’s the best.”

Meanwhile, Evangelista also expressed her love for cheese, saying it has also been her favorite since she was a child.

She recalled enjoying a “weird” food combo of mozzarella cheese with soy sauce.

“When I was young, I would melt mozzarella cheese sticks, I get it from Safeway in San Francisco. We’d put four all together in a plate, microwave it, and I eat that alone,” she said. “I’d even put salt on top, garlic salt, and I even sometimes put soy sauce. Weird, but it was so good.”

“I do love any kind of cheese except the ones that they serve in other countries that have worms. Parang hindi,” she added.  (MNS)

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