Energy Upgrade California shares easy energy-saving actions

With temperatures increasing across the state and our first heat wave on the horizon, it is important that Californians know how to stay cool while potentially saving energy and saving money at home.

Energy Upgrade California, the statewide initiative encouraging residents to use energy better to Keep California Golden, has tips for both home owners and renters this summer.

There are actions all Californians can take to save energy and keep cool.

  • Befriend the Fan: Using fans and opening windows can keep your home at a comfortable temperature and be more effective than you think.
  • Embrace Eco Mode: Your home doesn’t need to be at the perfect temperature when you’re not there. By using a smart thermostat with an eco-mode, you can save energy no matter where you may be.
  • Meet Goldie: Sign up for the Keep it Golden movement at to receive weekly energy-saving text challenges from Goldie on ways you can beat the heat this summer.

Start of summer energy savings checklist:

  1. Replace dirty, clogged HVAC filters to lower your energy use.
  2. Consider using an outdoor grill instead of your stove or oven on hotter days
  3. Keep your blinds closed and window coverings pulled during the day to prevent heat gain
  4. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher to keep cool and save energy

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