Solenn Heussaff (MNS photo)

MANILA, July 13 (Mabuhay) — Whenever she needs to fill out a form, actress-model Solenn Heussaff has tried to avoid putting “actress” as her occupation.

In Bianca Gonzalez’s vlog, Heussaff got candid about considering herself as an actress and even singer, despite appearing on many projects and making an album.

“I don’t want to say I am an actress because I feel like I [still] have so much work to do still as an actress. I usually put TV personality or something like that,” she shared.

“I also don’t want to put a singer because I feel like I am not Mariah Carey. It’s just so hard for me to define that and that always put so much pressure on me since I was a kid.”

But Heussaff admitted that she is not rushing her journey and is enjoying the experience along the way.

“Everything kind of worked together for me at least. I always feel there’s so much more to learn. When I learn new skills, I also learn new things about myself,” Heussaff added.

The actress also opened up about pursuing a degree in fashion design during her teenage years, thinking it was her path.

However, she did not study fashion design. She was initially influenced by doing photoshoots for her friends.

“Fashion designing came into my mind because I used to do shoot for my friends back then. I would be the photographer. I would style and I would put a backdrop,” she recalled.

However, Heussaff realized that it was too early for her at that time to decide exactly what she wanted to pursue in life.

“When I think about it now that I am 37, how can you know at such a young age when you haven’t experienced the world yet? You live in your bubble. It’s a little hard to pressure someone at that age to know what they want to do or where they wanna be,” she said.

Heussaff is married to Nico Bolzico and has a daughter Thylane. She is also currently pregnant with their second child. (MNS)

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