Hollywood dreams for Cebu-born Charito Mertz

Myrna Aquitana_LighthouseModel, producer, actress Charito Mertz was born in Cebu to parents Nolito and Marcela Jarina. Named Maria Charito Genilla Jarina, she was a world traveller early on, being raised in exotic places such as Australia and Nauru where her civil engineer Dad and her mom who’s in banking found their professional calling, until finally settling here in the United States.

While in her teens, she moved to New York to pursue modelling, where she found national print commercial advertising jobs for large corporations such as Target and Bank of America. Modeling didn’t stop her as she is a total entertainer who can dance and sing as well. Her true passion in acting prompted her to move to follow her dreams in Hollywood where she continues to accumulate television, film and production credits in writing, producing and directing.

Charito Mertz

Charito Mertz

Following are some of her professional entertainment credits:

*  2008 – flower girl in a TV/movie series called “Mom’s Funniest Moments”
*  2009 – “General Hospital;” “The Suite Life of Zack & Condy;” “Days of Our Lives;”  – all TV series;
*  2010 – “Next Stop for Charlie;” TV series shot in the Philippines;
*  2012 – “Citybird;”
*  2011 – “Conan” movie cast as Korean bridesmaid;
* 2011 –  model “Coke” advertising commercial;
*  2011 – cast as Amy in a video called “ The Weed Shows Love Letters to Mary Jane;”
* 2011 – “Exhausted” – producer/writer/director/actor – cast as “Mrs. Ting;”
* 2011 – “FCU Fast Checker Unit” TV series;
* 2012 – “Essence of Chicken” TV series;
* 2014 – cast as Candi in the movie “Reckless;”
* 2014 – cast as Karla in the movie “Death Factory”
Charito’ s credits above, will undoubtedly bring her the “hollywood” stardom she’s hoping for!  For a tenacious Pinay like her, there is no denying that she will make her dreams come true!

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