(From left) Amaury Agoncillo, event Chair; Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero, Edith M. Fuentes, Consul General Helen Barber dela Vega; Ding dela Vega and Fr. Jim Bevacqua, Parish Pastor.

In observance of The Year of Faith and celebrating the canonization of the Philippines’ second St. Pedro Calungsod, the Holy Family Catholic Community of Glendale held a Thanksgiving concert last Saturday, November 10, 2012.  The concert featured the Holy Family Filipino Chorale with the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus Alumni of Los Angeles.

Amaury Agoncillo, introducing Edith Fuentes, candidate for Glendale City Council election of April 2, 2013.

Edith Fuentes, former Planning and Zoning Administrator of Glendale (now running for Glendale City Council) gave the Welcome and Opening Remarks, followed by an Invocation by Fr. Jim Bevacqua.  The concert featured songs depicting the history and life story of St. Pedro Calungsod.  The event was co-emceed by Fr. Mike and Fr. Juan,  both from Holy Family Parish.

The Holy Family Filipino Chorale with Mayor Frank Quintero (left front), Edith Fuentes (middle), Fr. Juan (back row) and Fr. Jim Bevacqua (back row)

Prior to the concert, a gathering and reception was held at the church courtyard where food and drinks were served.  The concert was attended by more than 200 people.  It was a huge success.  The songs rendered by the choir and conducted by Mr. Tom Makiling, gave a great nostalgia and were best fitting for the celebration.

Hon. Consul General Helen Barber dela Vega and her husband,  were in attendance, and so with Glendale Mayor Frank Quintero, and Former Planning and Zoning Administrator, Edith M. Fuentes.  Some attendees came as far as the east Coast and other States.