Homestead Nurses

Homestead Nurses

Homestead Schools in Torrance, Calif. offers vocational nursing, nurse assisting and medical assisting programs. Recently, the school surveyed its recent graduates to learn about their impressions of the program, instructors, facilities and overall dedication of the school to help students achieve their dream of becoming a nurse. Here’s what they had to say:

I am a recent graduate of Homestead Schools. My experience there was a great one and I’ll never forget it! The school gave me all the tools I needed to pass my board exam on the first try. Included was a free laptop, iPad, thousands of different NCLEX practice questions to sharpen my test-taking skills, and an ATI account with all the review materials I needed. The instructors there are very knowledgeable and had a genuine interest in my success. They were always in my corner and I am still in contact with many of them. They give me advice about nursing when I need it.

After sticking it out for a year and applying 100% of my efforts toward the program and doing everything my instructors suggested I do, I came away with a Grade A nursing education and I now have my license and am currently working as an LVN! The school even assisted me in finding a job only a month after I received my license!  I was hired on the spot with the school’s recommendation!

I highly recommend this school to anyone who is serious about becoming a nurse! I am looking forward to joining their RN program coming soon.

I highly recommend Homestead Schools in Torrance, Calif. for anyone who is looking for a great LVN nursing program.  The staff is professional and friendly and the instructors are knowledgeable and very dedicated to the students.  They are committed to helping the students succeed to meet their goals of becoming quality nurses.  I was fortunate and was able to acquire quality hands-on experience during the clinical rotations at some very nice facilities that the school has contracts with.  In my opinion the school surpassed my expectations in many ways of what to expect and I was very pleased with Homestead.  If you are looking for a great LVN program, look no further…but you must be as committed to your own success and be as dedicated to the program because if you are, then you will succeed.

School is great! I would say it depends on you if you learn or not! I believe all the teachers and instructors are trying their best for their students. I wouldn’t be an LVN without this school.

I’ve been a student at Homestead for 12 months. I took the LVN program and I’m proud to announce that I graduated from Homestead and passed the NCLEX-PN on the FIRST try! Homestead provides you great instructors and a variety of clinical locations. You MUST commit to SUCCEED! That’s the key. I highly recommend this school to anyone.

Homestead Schools is starting three new classes in January 2015 with morning, evening and weekend schedules. Classes are filling up quickly. If becoming a nurse and joining the burgeoning healthcare field has been your dream, you should call the school today and speak to one of the admissions reps.Homestead Schools is located at 23800 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, Calif. Call (310) 791-9975.