Horrible Bosses Movie Review By K:


Horrible Bosses is hands down THE best side splitter since Hangover I and II.  Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis are the comedic trio of the summer. The worse they are treated by their psycho bosses, the bigger the laughs! For those of you who have had bosses and superiors that were obnoxious, inappropriate, and just downright insane, these horrible bosses probably put yours to shame. That’s right, you probably had it much better than these unfortunate three! And two thumbs up to Colin Farrell for ditching the Irish accent and trading in his bad boy exterior for a comb over and hideous wardrobe. Ladies, you never thought you would cringe at the site of Colin Farrell did you? Well, the man may be less, (a lot less) than unattractive in this role, but he does make you Laugh Out Loud and he does it well! It was also refreshing to see Anniston step out of her romantic comedy comfort zone and embrace a darker, sexier and most definitely raunchier role. Goodbye America’s sweetheart, hello bold and naughty Jen. With her overly inappropriate behavior and hilarious quips she proves that she’s not only sexy but hilarious!  In fact, the comedic timing in this whole movie was right on point and served many laughs. So sit back and enjoy the most inappropriate and funny movie of the summer!