Gretchen Barretto (MNS Photo)

Gretchen Barretto (MNS Photo)

A lot of celebrities get affected by intrigues negatively but not socialite-actress Gretchen Barretto, saying she treats intrigues thrown at her as challenges.

“I still believe that no one can ruin you but yourself. Your actions will ruin you, not what people say,” she said briefly.

The actress said people can say anything good or bad about her – or to any other celebrity for that matter – but their opinion will not define her as a person.

According to the 43-year-old actress, an intrigue can either be good or bad for a career depending on how the celebrity takes it.

“It depends but I guess for as long as you’re being talked about, it matters because I guess people are interested. People won’t talk about you if they are not interested or fascinated about you,” she said.

For Barretto, as long as people show interest at what she does, “it can be good” for her career.

In the past months, Barretto has made the headlines after getting involved in a feud among her siblings and mother Inday.

But Barretto said she’d rather leave family matters behind since much have already been said.

I don’t think gusto kong buksan ang mga sarado na. Sinara na iyan so let’s leave it there. I don’t think I’m ready to answer any family questions,” she said in June.

Just last week, Barretto reiterated she does not intend to get involved in any of the Barretto’s problems anymore, reminding reporters that her mother already disowned her in favor of her youngest sister. (MNS)