By K

Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest comic flick “I Don’t Know How She Does It” really lacked the wow factor for me. While I adore SJP in Sex and the City, The Family Stone and Failure to Launch, this movie really didn’t deliver what could have been a very promising film about an ordinary and hard working mother who juggles work and family life. In fact, Kate Reddy was anything but ordinary. The film portrays her to have a very ideal  and privileged life with a great career, home, family and hired help. She seems to have it all! Even when she’s often late and ungroomed, she doesn’t get fired! Sounds like a pretty unrealistic world.  In fact, her reasons for choosing her work over her husband and children are often times selfish and more for  social mobility than a necessary means to provide for her family. And while the movie did produce a few chuckles here and there, it was mostly predictable and lacked the bitter struggles that average working women undergo each day to provide for their families. Kate may have looked plain in her attire and grooming, but she was far better off than most working mothers! And is it just me or did Kate’s husband seem too perfect to be true?

Overall, the movie left me disappointed because I expected to see a more realistic portrayal of the average working mother, not the privileged one. Yet, on a good note, I did enjoy the scenes where the actors spoke directly to the audience and brought down the fourth wall.  And as for SJP, her charm was still evident as she delivered a likable performance in her own right.