Annabelle Rama (MNS Photo)

Annabelle Rama (MNS Photo)

ANNABELLE Rama is at it again.

The talent manager posted several messages criticizing a woman who has bad taste in men.

Rama described the woman as very intelligent, hardworking and studied in expensive schools here and abroad but failed to choose a good partner.

Rama also claimed that the person spends more money for her boyfriend than her children, calling her a “certified sugar mommy.”

She also criticized the woman’s friends, calling them “B.I.” or bad influence.

The talent manager added that everyone should be wary of men who refuse to work because they might look for another partner in the future.

Ruffa Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

Ruffa Gutierrez (MNS Photo)

After posting the tweets, Rama’s followers were quick to assume that she was pertaining to only daughter, television actress Ruffa Gutierrez.

Rama does not approve of Gutierrez’s new boyfriend, French-Arab businessman Jordan Mouyal.

In October, Rama and Gutierrez had a brief falling out after the former voiced her concerns over the latter’s new partner.

Rama wrote: “Since day 1 yan lagi nating pinag-aawayan, love life mo. Mahirap bang humanap ng guy na stable? May degree, businessman, naghahanap buhay?”

Gutierrez, for her part, said she respects her mother’s opinion and that Mouyal is still respectful of her parents.

She even dared Rama to pick the right guy for her. (MNS)