(ABS-CBN News) After pop singing sensation Justin Bieber’s concert in Manila last May 10, various rumors of his seemingly “unpleasant attitude” and “bratty personality” have started to circulate.

In one incident, it is reported that he did not even attend his own concert after-party on the grounds that he wasn’t feeling well enough to attend it. This is according to his handlers.

One more incident is Bieber not showing much attention to fans as he was leaving for the Philippines. He reasons out on his official Twitter that he was simply still not feeling well at the time.

The latest is from an uploaded YouTube video from the daughter of a man that tried to get Bieber’s autograph as he was about to leave the Philippines.

The video, uploaded under the username “v7andrea” has reached more than 200,000 views on YouTube and counting. The man in the video, an employee of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) apparently got his hand slapped away as he was asking the star to sign the CD he was holding.

There are mixed reactions regarding Bieber’s seemingly bratty attitude. Most of the singer’s fans are adamantly defending him, saying that the man was not in the proper place for asking for an autograph, especially since the boy was feeling under the weather at the time. Others simply say that the singer has become quite conceited and arrogant and that he has always been as such ever since before.

This is not the first time that Justin Bieber has been accused of being a “brat”. Hollywood star Marg Helgenberger comments during an interview at French radio show “Le Grand Direct des Medias” that Bieber was “kind of a brat” during his guest starring on the American crime investigation series “CSI”. At the time, he was allegedly turning some of the cameramen away.