Iza Calzado (MNS photo)

Iza Calzado (MNS photo)

While fans are abuzz on who will play Darna in the big screen next year, there are also speculations that Iza Calzado is eyeing the role of Valentina, the snake goddess who is the biggest enemy of the iconic Filipina superheroine.

The Kapamilya actress, however, was quick to deny the rumors.

“I don’t want to do something like that. I want to do straight drama if I’m going to do a teleserye. Not a komiks teleserye. I’d rather not ‘yung may mga costume. I’d rather do something that’s more character intensive,” Calzado said.

Calzado added that she is also not fond of snakes.

“I don’t like snakes. I think you have to have certain affinity to snakes to play Valentina. It could be a challenge to myself pero hindi. There are so many other roles perhaps that I would be better off doing,” she said.

Among the actresses who have played Valentina in the past are Celia Rodriguez, Cherie Gil, Alessandra De Rossi and Iwa Moto.

Meanwhile, Calzado revealed the two movies that are currently keeping her busy.

“Yung ‘Haunted Mansion’ ay tapos na. Mabilis ko lang din naman nagawa ‘yun under Jun Lana and of course from Regal Films for MMFF. Now I’m doing ‘Buhay Habangbuhay’ for Cine Filipino,” she said.

After she finishes shooting, Calzado said she will be leaving with her boyfriend and brother to spend the holidays abroad.

“I’ll be away as usual. I’m not doing the float and the parade for MMFF. Normally, I go and spend holidays with the Wintles and my brother. Sinasama ko ‘yung kapatid ko kasi kami na lang eh,” she said. (MNS)