James Reid (MNS photo)

MANILA, Feb 3 (Mabuhay) —  — Actor-singer James Reid believes that people should be doing things that they are passionate about and that they should turn that passion into their purpose.

For Reid, happiness comes from knowing one’s purpose in life.

“I think right now you know why I’m so happy, you know why everything is just making sense right now for me? It’s because I feel like I have a purpose. And that really helps me get through my day,” he said.

“It helps me. Like I always question, why am I doing this? And I think you should always question why you are doing this. As long as you always have that feeling of purpose in the things that you are doing, you can really go through any situation. You can get in the most uncomfortable situations but as long as you know why you are doing it and you feel that there’s purpose behind it and the passion about it, then nothing is really off the table and you can really endure anything,” he said.

The actor also gave advice to those who are heartbroken.

“I honestly believe that in a relationship love is not something that someone gives to you. Love is something that you share with someone else. And, it’s something you can only give when you have it. You can’t be someone that hate themselves, looks down on themselves and asks someone else to love them,” Reid said.

“You need to learn how to fill your own cup. Once you are overflowing that’s when you can share with someone else. … It’s something you share with people, not something you take. I think if you are heartbroken maybe it’s a good sign if you just start working on yourself to figure out what it is that you needed in your life so that you can just love yourself and you can be comfortable in your own skin,” he added.

Reid is currently promoting his latest single “Soda”, which is composed and produced by Reid, is now available on various music streaming platforms.

“I think the whole idea behind the song was like to let life surprise you. I mean people don’t really know what they want; they just want to be pleasantly surprised,” Reid shared about his newest song. (MNS)

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