Janella Salvador (MNS photo)

MANILA, Mar 30 (Mabuhay) — Janella Salvador has revealed that she went into labor for two days before giving birth to her son Jude.

“I was in labor for two days. It was a really, really hard labor for me because he was facing front. He didn’t want to face back so all of the pressure was against my spine,” Janella said as she \recounted her experience when she gave birth in the United Kingdom.

“I wasn’t progressing well. I went to the hospital three times. They’ll always send me home but on my third time they were like, ‘we feel bad for you, maybe we’ll induce you.’”

The doctors always sent her back because as much as possible, they wanted to wait for her to be ready. On her third time visiting the hospital, the health staff finally broke her water and fortunately her labor progressed.

“Two days of no sleep, intense pain. As soon as they injected the epidural, grabe,” Janella said.

The actress explained that she wanted to give birth in the United Kingdom so her baby could have both UK and Filipino citizenship.

Markus Paterson, her partner, is a UK citizen.

She was supposed to leave the Philippines in May, but because of delays, she was able to fly out only in September, when she was already eight months pregnant.

“So I was big when I left. I was so nervous. What if someone sees me in the airport? I had to dress up in big clothes because I didn’t want to be seen yet,” Janella said.

“And two, what if I got the virus and it goes to my baby? Thank God nothing happened.”

Janella and Markus welcomed baby Jude into the world last October. They announced his birth in January.

In February, the actress revealed that she had returned to the Philippines with her baby. (MNS)

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