Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion (MNS photo)

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion (MNS photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) — “It’s always one of the questions that we are often asked about. When are you two going to work together on a project? How would that feel? Personally, we thought it wasn’t possible because we’re not from the same network. But we’re glad it’s finally happening.”

That was Jasmine Curtis-Smith telling entertainment media how excited she was upon learning that she and rumored boyfriend Sam Concepcion will headline a new primetime mini-series on TV5.

Sam and Jasmine will star in the maiden offering of the yet untitled mini-series based on romantic stories posted on the popular Wattpad online writing community. Premiered last September 2, the series will focus on a different story every week featuring varying sets of stars. Each story that will air daily for half an hour will conclude by the end of the week.

In addition to Jasmine and Sam, other TV5 stars who will appear in succeeding story arcs include Shaira Mae dela Cruz, Mark Neumann, Chanel Morales, Nicole Estrada, Akihiro Blanco, Steven Silva, Eula Caballero and Carl Guevarra.

Sam, who is thrilled to be given permission by his network ABS-CBN to do this series with Jasmine, is both excited and nervous about this project.

“I really don’t know what to expect. I’m a little nervous about it because this is something we’re not used to doing together,” he confessed.

“We’re more used to our personal world,” Jasmine added. The nervous part is we now share the same work life for this project. He’s going to see how I work and what I do and same with me.”

Although Jasmine said that they prefer to separate their professional and personal lives, both she and Sam are very happy that they can get to share their special relationship with their fans, who are now used to seeing them together in public more often.

Not that everything has been smooth sailing for the two of them. Just last April, Sam was reported to have received a dressing down from Jasmine’s elder sister, Anne, at the birthday party of Vice Ganda, an incident he said he has put behind him since.

“I always want to be on everyone’s good side, again especially Anne. My concern naman is as long as we’re happy and Jas is happy and everyone around us is happy then we’re all okay,” he quipped.

For her part, Jasmine is glad to happy to hear that Anne was recently quoted as saying that whatever makes her little sister happy is fine by her as well.

“She has always said that. All family members are like that. Work, school, love, it’s really a family thing. Even my mom would say that about every aspect of my life. And I think Sam’s family would say the same thing for him,” she noted.

Asked if she enjoys more freedom and independence now that she’s living alone, Jasmine said nothing really has changed since she moved out of Anne’s place.

“It’s all the same. I never felt I was restricted to do anything even when I was living in Ate’s place. Whatever I did there, I still do now that I’m alone. The truth is, we hardly saw each other when we were living together anyway. Palagi nga kaming nagkakasalisi.”

Sam admits that even when Jasmine was living with her sister, he would often come over and they would hang out a lot so things are indeed pretty much the same for them.

As for Sam’s family, Jasmine said she already met and got to know them better.

“I met them a year ago when we both had work in Baguio and his family went with him. It was good. I recently had dinner with them when me and Sam both greeted his sister a happy birthday together,” she revealed. (MNS)