Jessica Sanchez

By Rod Mijares, Balita

As Linsanity simmered down in New York, Jessanity is beginning to grip the west not on the basketball court but on the stage.  American idol judges were again so impressed with the awesome performance of Filipino-American Jessica Sanchez whom JLo fondly called Jess.

With millions in America glued to their seats at the convenience of their homes and hundreds in the theater enjoying her unbelievable and powerful performance, Jessica Sanchez once again proved that she is a legitimate force to reckon with in the quest for the 11th season’s American Idol title.  She sang Billy Joel’s “Everybody Has A Dream” full of energy and feelings that brought the house down and another standing ovation from the judges and audience alike.  “It’s amazing. I sing what I believe in.  I have a dream and this is my dream,” Jessica said to Seacrest.

Steven Tyler said that Jessica is the lucky recipient of God’s benevolence.  “You have gone way passed my judging.  When God gave vocal chords, you were so at the front of the line.  Thank you for letting me hear you sing.”

Jennifer thought that the song was like written for her. “That we wrote that song for you a long time ago.  That was the defining moment for you for me…a defining song.  I really feel that’s you…that’s you.  You have this dream and you are here and you are ceasing the moment and you are living it in every second and we got to feel that and that’s a beautiful thing, Congratulation.”

Randy Jackson reminded Jessica that it takes consistency to win.  “Every time you step up every week, you have to have a moment.  You have a moment every time you step on that stage and I love it.  You are flawless, it’s perfect,.”

After a not-so great performance last week, Jessica was told by Tyler not to go far beyond her comfort zone that is the ballad. Jessica listened and the result is a culmination of this week’s another clincher for her.

The Top 10 competition this week featured P. Diddy as the guest vocal mentor along with Jimmy Iovine.  American fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger as the fashion consultant with Soyon An, the American Idol stylist, provided fashion and personality advice to the contestants.

Will Jessica continue for another week, that’s for the Filipinos and America to decide and with her entertaining and outstanding performance, no doubt about it.  Still Jessica needs everybody’s help and vote.