Jessy Mendiola (MNS photo)

MANILA, Aug 14 (Mabuhay) —  – Jessy Mendiola called out a netizen who commented in one of her social media posts by comparing her to actress Angel Locsin.

The netizen, who seems to be Mendiola’s supporter, said she definitely looks more beautiful than Locsin, without mincing some unkind words.

Responding to the comment, Mendiola wrote: “Please tama na ‘yung ganyan. We are all happy na. Peace and love lang please. Ingat ngayong ECQ.”

Early this year, Mendiola married Luis Manzano, Locsin’s former boyfriend.

Manzano and Locsin were a couple until 2009, got back together in 2014, but broke up again in 2016.

In January 2016, a tearful Locsin said in a televised interview that she and Manzano tried to fix their relationship, but gave no further details.

By July 2016, Manzano started sharing photos with Mendiola, confirming their romance.

Responding to allegations that his relationships with Locsin and Mendiola overlapped, Manzano belatedly revealed he had separated from Locsin in January 2016, or five months before he and Mendiola became officially a couple in June that year.

Mendiola asserted the same in past interviews, but that would not spare the actress from intrigues surrounding her relationship.

In December 2018, she admitted having once struggled with depression that was triggered by several factors, including being the target of cyber-bullying.

Mendiola and Manzano tied the knot in Batangas last February 21, 2021.

Locsin, on the other hand, also recently got married to film producer Neil Arce, which they revealed just on Saturday. (MNS)

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