Jessy Mendiola (MNS photo)

MANILA, Aug 19 (Mabuhay) — Now that she’s expecting her first child with husband Luis Manzano, actress Jessy Mendiola decided to change the setting of her diamond engagement ring.

Mendiola posted the photo and videos of the ring on Instagram, saying she had a jewelry studio reset the diamond to a “more child friendly setting.”

“Now, I won’t have to worry about it getting caught or scratching my little one when he/she becomes a toddler. For now… back to the safe!” she wrote.

Mendiola, 29, and her husband Luis Manzano, 41, announced their first pregnancy last week, a year and a half after they got married in February 2021.

Mendiola’s giant diamond ring made headlines in December 2020 due to a dispute from a jewelry brand on its design.

Mendiola is known to be an avid collector of jewelry, often sharing photos of rings and necklace with precious stones. (MNS)