Joey Marquez (MNS Photo)

Joey Marquez (MNS Photo)

Actor Joey Marquez on Tuesday couldn’t escape questions about former girlfriend Kris Aquino, who admitted the night before that she is now dating Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

In a chance interview on Tuesday after a bloggers’ conference for the movie “Da Possessed,” Marquez, who was obviously trying to avoid questions about Aquino, eventually gave a general comment.

“I am very happy for all of us, for the entire world,” Marquez said.

Asked if he sees a pattern among the men who have been linked to the host-actress, Marquez replied: “Love and peace for everybody for this coming Lenten season.”

Like Bautista, Marquez was once also involved in politics. She and Aquino had a very public breakup in 2003.

When Marquez returned to ABS-CBN in 2012, Aquino was vocal in saying that she was still not ready to work with “Palibhasa Lalake” actor to avoid “opening up old wounds that are better left healed.”

Aquino finally ended speculations about the identity of the man she’s dating, saying she and Bautista are “work in progress.” (MNS)