Judy Ann asks Sharon: ‘Paano na pelikula nating tatlo ni Regine?’

Judy Ann Santos (MNS)

MANILA Oct 17 (Mabuhay) — Actress Judy Ann Santos expressed her concern over Sharon Cuneta’s post about retiring from show business.

In an Instagram post, Cuneta cleared speculations that she will be retiring from show business soon.

Cuneta said her plans of leaving the entertainment industry will not happen anytime soon because of her contracts and other commitments.

In the comment section of her post, Santos asked Cuneta of what will happen to their planned movie project with Regine Velasquez.

“Ate!! Paano na pelikula nting tatlo ni regine!!!??!,” Velasquez wrote.

Cuneta then responded to Santos and tagged Velasquez.

“Tara! Kulitin na natin! Hahaha! Miss you so much sis ko. I love you,” Cuneta wrote.

“Pano yan sa bahay mo na lang?! Ngek! Hahaha!,” she added.

In her Instagram post, Cuneta told her fans to be ready if her plan to retire finally comes.

“I’m not just gonna instantly disappear! I owe you that much. But please ready yourselves, okay? I love you. God bless you all,” Cuneta wrote.

Over the weekend, Cuneta, who has been in showbiz for over 40 years, shocked her fans when she declared she is now on her way to retirement.

In an Instagram post, Cuneta shared a seemingly tired photo of her where she expressed her exhaustion.

“Kids, it’s almost time. Mama’s tired. I love you,” she wrote across the picture.

Cuneta also edited her Instagram profile and wrote in her bio that she is “retiring soon.”

Cuneta, who started her singing career with the hit song “Mr. DJ”, was seen on television as one of the jury members of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” and as a coach in “The Voice Teens” and “The Voice Kids.”(MNS)

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