Julia Barretto admits she’s in love

Julia Barretto (MNS photo)

MANILA, Nov 7 (Mabuhay)– Julia Barretto is in love.

This was the actress candid admission in an interview with Mega Entertainment’s G3 San Diego, in its November issue.

“Would you say you’re in love?” was San Diego’s question to Barretto.

Her answer: “Yeah.”

Barretto, 23, first stirred rumors of a new romance in March, when she posted about her birthday dinner which included “my family and a loved one.”

She then declined in May to categorically confirm whether she was single, but hinted that her “heart is fine” and she was “very happy.” On the subject of love, Barretto also said she intends to now “protect it with all that I have,” coming from past controversies that beset relationships.

In her new Mega interview, Barretto reiterated her mindset when it comes to having a relationship while also being a public figure.

“I think nobody understands the kind of trauma of having a relationship so public, and then also have a lot of people see when your relationship fails,” she said.

Barretto’s last public relationship was with her former “love team” Joshua Garci. They separated in mid-2019.

“Like it’s so traumatizing for me because I genuinely cared about this guy, I genuinely loved this guy, and then I shared so much that when we broke up, they thought they knew the whole story. They thought they knew my pains, they thought they knew my joys, they thought they knew everything — all the reasons that caused the breakup. But nobody really does,” she said.

Barretto’s breakup with Garcia formed part of one of the biggest showbiz controversies in 2019. At the time, the actress was also romantically linked with her “Between Maybes” co-star Gerald Anderson, who was also newly single coming from his relationship with actress Bea Alonzo.

Barretto and Anderson separately denied being romantically involved then.

“So one of the things I made myself confident in when it comes to my personal relationships is that, I’m in control,” Barretto said in her Mega interview. “I am in total control of how much I am only willing to share and how much I am only allowing people to know.”

“I’ve already come to realize how important it is to protect your peace and privacy — and that both go well together.” (MNS)

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