Julia Barretto (MNS Photo)

Julia Barretto (MNS Photo)

THE camp of Julia Barretto clarified that the young actress’ decision to change her surname has nothing to do with the failure of his father, Dennis Padilla, to provide them financial support, but just “to prevent confusion”.

Padilla became emotional when asked about his daughter’s decision to change her surname from “Baldivia,” his real family name, to “Barretto,” the surname of her mother.

Padilla recalled that it was only last month when he started acting on rumors that Julia has a pending petition in court to change her family name.

He went to Quezon City Family Court and discovered that the petition was actually filed in August 2013.

Sometimes I would think na hayaan na lang kung ayaw nilang gamitin yung family name ko. Tapos later on, close friends and family, sabi sa akin, ‘Dennis, ilaban mo ‘yung family name mo kasi tatay ka niya, dugo ka niya”, Dennis said.

The actor-comedian said he understands the decision of Julia or her mother, Marjorie Barretto, to drop his family name as he admitted that he failed to provide for his children’s financial needs due to his irregular work in showbiz.

May karapatan sila na alisin kasi marami din naman akong pagkukulang. Ever since na nag separate kami [Marjorie], naging unstable yung career ko, political and showbiz, nag lie low ang career ko. Hindi dahil sa kagustuhan ko pero ganun talaga ang daigdig ng showbiz,” he said.

“Itong past three years, hindi na talaga ako nakakapagbigay. I explained that to her [Julia]. Ten years ko silang kasama. I think she should retain her family name dahil anak kita.”

In a statement released by Kapunan Garcia & Castillo Law Offices, legal counsel of Julia, it clarified that financial reason has nothing to do with their client’s petition.

The statement said Marjorie and Dennis’ union was declared null and void on October 29, 2009 on the ground that their marriage was “bigamous,” making Julia an illegitimate child.

“Based on NSO (National Statistics Office) records obtained by Marjorie, she discovered that Dennis apparently had a prior marriage in 1994,” the statement read.

“All these years, Marjorie kept her silence about this real ground for the nullification of her marriage with Dennis because she did not want to put Dennis in a bad light,” it added.

The statement added that Julia’s legitimation and used of “Baldivia” were legally flawed and without basis.

“Julia’s Petition to change her name in the NSO records is actually meant to prevent confusion. It is Julia’s legal right to file this Petition. It has nothing to do with the issue of financial support, as maliciously claimed by Dennis,” it said.

“Marjorie and Dennis have remained silent about the matter of financial support even if, legally, Dennis should have been supporting his children.”

“Julia has never told anyone that Dennis has not been giving support. The fact is that Julia continues to recognize and respect Dennis as her father.”

The young actress’ camp added that they will be filing an urgent ex-parte motion for gag order against Padilla. (MNS)

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