Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson (MNS photo)

MANILA, May 20 (Mabuhay) — Julia Barretto has no qualms about settling down and having her own family at this point in time.

In an interview with Boy Abunda for his YouTube series, Barretto confessed that she would say yes if her boyfriend Gerald Anderson would propose to her.

“Yes [I would agree to marry him],” she said quickly after Abunda threw the question.

When asked if she is frightened by marriage, Barretto said: “I am not scared. Marriage [is] exciting. I am curious.”

According to the actress, she is grateful for Anderson for constantly leading her to the right direction.

“I always tell him how lucky I feel that I am with somebody who can guide me in life in general. Someone who can ground me, who can put sense in my head. I can talk to him about anything. He puts everything into perspective for me,” she said.

In a previous vlog, Barretto also said she feels like her purpose in this world is to become a mother.

Is she ready to finally have kids of her own?

“I think it also comes with – you know, my mom and I are the bestest of friends. That’s because our age difference is not so far apart. She had me at 21 or 22. We are so close and I think I just want to have that kind of relationship as well with my children,” she told Abunda.

Barretto and Anderson went public with their relationship in March last year. Since then, they have often been seen together spending time with the actress’ family.

Anderson has previously referred to Barretto as “the one,” saying that while he hopes to marry her eventually, they intend to achieve a “quota” first when it comes to their showbiz careers. (MNS)

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