Filipino American clubs, associations and other groups that are forced hold their gatherings, parties, meetings, press conferences and business mixers at small and crowded, park-at-your-own-risk restaurants need to discover the Kalesa Grill in North Hills, a Filipino-owned restaurant located at 16150 Nordhoff St., North Hills, CA 91343.

The restaurant, the third of its kind is an ideal place for any special functions that need food, space and peace of mind. It has an air-conditioned private function room that can accommodate 100 people.

The restaurant, a part of the Kalesa Grill network of establishments, is just a 25-minute drive from the Glendale Area. And even if it took some of the guests a longer trip going there, chances are the customer won’t mind the distance because he/she will soon realize that Kalesa Grill is a lot lovelier than advertised.

But for catering, Ilocos empanada (Mike batac every Sunday), fastfood, bakery and Filipino-Italian fusion cuisine, the Saticoy Branch in Canoga Park answers that need. Kalesa Grill-Saticoy offers $4.99 breakfast with free coffee; while customers doing lunch or dinner get free desserts and pastries.

Just what it is that makes Kalesa Grill group very successful in the restaurant business?
“We offer the highest quality of  food using the best ingredients at a very affordable price and maintain that home cooking style that authentic taste that our Gradma and Mom cook at home,” said Gerry Mercado, the spokesperson for Kalesa.

“Starting at $5 per meal, that includes choice of two entrees, rice, free soup and free dessert/pastries, nobody can beat that.”

The one more thing why Kalesa Grill is one of the most admired Fil-Am establishments is their readiness to do their share in supporting civic and community-oriented activities.

“Kalesa Grill is very active in supporting various activities and causes for the local organizations, churches, and schools,” said Mercado. “Our business philosophy is ‘Always think of yourself as a customer; that way they will feel more comfortable and always welcome in your place.”

Mercado also said that Kalesa Grill makes your parties stress-free, because they cater to all the needs of the customers. “We offer packages for 5o or 100 guests free delivery within 20 miles.” Other special packages or party platters could be arranged as well. Call Gerry at 818.823.6249.