Katrina Halili reconciles with Hayden Kho, Vicki Belo

Vicky Belo,Katrina Halili, and Hayden Kho (MNS Photo)

Vicky Belo,Katrina Halili, and Hayden Kho (MNS Photo)

Six years after the sex video scandal that even merited a Senate probe, actress Katrina Halili, Hayden Kho, both subjects of the controversy, and celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, have proven that time heals all wounds.

Belo took to image-sharing application Instagram to share a photo with Halili, Kho and talent manager Lolit Solis. The picture was taken 10 days ago.

“I always believe in forgiving but I have to admit that it’s not easy. But, if God can forgive us for all our sins, who are we not to do the same. Being bitter and unforgiving enslaves you and not the other person. To God be all the glory,” Belo said.

Kho confirmed the reconciliation.

“After seven years of enmity, Katrina, Vicki, and myself are now reconciled. And I want to say that just like the restoration of my medical license, the restoration of my relationship with Vicki, Katrina, and many others happened because I first sought to restore my relationship with God,” he said.

It was reported early this week that it was Halili who wanted to make peace with Belo. And through the help of Solis, the meeting happened.

The sexy actress filed legal complaints against Kho, who lost his medical license for years before regaining it in 2014.

Still active in showbiz, Halili is now a single mother while Kho and Belo remain a couple. Kho is also hosting a medical show on TV5. (MNS)

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