Kidlat – Mark Neumann as Francis aka FUEGO

Kidlat – Nadine Samonte as LARA

Kidlat – Nadine Samonte as LARA

Kidlat – Ritz Azul as JOEY

Kidlat – Shaira Mae as Francine aka FROSTA

Kidlat – Valerie Weigmann as Natasha aka ENIGMA

Kidlat – Wendell Ramos as Rodel aka GRABAMAN

FEBRUARY 19, 2013, PHILIPPINES – As ratings continue to surge for TV5’s hit primetime series Kidlat, new loves and new villains were officially introduced today at the Plaza Ibarra’s Party Venues in Timog, Quezon City. In theupcoming episodes, everyone’s favorite superhero will find himself choosing among three potential love interests.

One of the ladies is the strong-willed Joey played by FHM cover girl Ritz Azul. Audiences already caught a glimpse of her during the Kidlat Movie Special but as the story progresses, Ritz promises that viewers will see more of who Joey is.

Adding a bit of spice to Voltaire’s life is sassy and sophisticated Natasha, played by newcomer Valerie Weigmann. The Filipina-German model makes her acting debut in Kidlat as a fashion designer who will eventually become villainess Enigma. Though a little nervous to be part of a successful series, Valerie admits that she’s more excited to meet everyone—particularly her new leading man. “Excited at kahitpaanokinabahan din ako. I’ve heard so many good things about [Derek] like how he’s a gentleman. I can’t wait to finally work with him.” Even though she’s a newbie, Valerie is well aware of her co-star’s reputation for being a ladies man. When asked if she’s ready to be linked to Derek, Valerie replied coyly, “Let’s just see what happens.”

After Nadine Samonte’s untimely exit from the show, fans immediately took to social media to express their sadness over the loss of one of the show’s favorite characters. But now, fans of the Lara-Voltaire love team will have reason to celebrate with this week’s biggest twist—Lara’s return.

Stirring up trouble for our hero is a new crop of villains. Artista Academy graduates Shaira Mae and Mark Neumann play twins Frosta and Fuego who possess the power to produce ice and fire. Paolo Ballesteros joins the cast as Warla, a beautiful villain with feminine features who has superhuman strength and impressive combat skills. Finally, Kidlat faces Graba Man (Wendell Ramos) once again as Vincent (Baron Geisler) continues to plot more ways to take down the electrifying hero.

Kidlat airs weeknights at these times 7:45pm KSA, 5:45pm UK, 2:45am Guam, 5:30pm NA PST, and 8:30pm NA EST only on Kapatid TV5.

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