Kris Aquino (MNS photo)

Kris Aquino (MNS photo)

Actress-host Kris Aquino said she recently bought land for her two sons, Josh and Bimby.

On Instagram, Aquino said the land will be used for her sons’ swimming pool and outdoor area.

“Although we waited 24 months for turnover, we were able to get corner lots on a nice slope next to the cul de sac which will be left with open green fields,” Aquino told her more than one million Instagram followers.

“Where we live now, we don’t have a garden and my two [sons] have really been wishing for more space… So now I can fulfill my promise to them that we’ll have a swimming pool and a big outdoor area to play in,” she added.

The actress-host did not give further details in her Instagram post.

Aquino, one of the Philippines’ top celebrity endorsers, earlier shared that she bought a franchise of a Chinese fast food restaurant.

She said she is working hard for the future of her sons. (MNS)