Kris Aquino (MNS Photo)

MANILA, May 17 (Mabuhay) — Kris Aquino revealed that her illness is already life threatening amid rumors that she is already in critical condition.

In an Instagram post on Monday morning, Aquino said she is scheduled to leave the Philippines this week. She denied rumors that she has been confined in the ICU of a hospital.

“Mula end of April, we found out life threatening na yung illness ko,”she wrote in the caption.

“Yung chismis na na-confine ako, na nasa ICU, na nag-aagaw buhay, masyado kayong advance. Para klaro ang lahat and dahil gusto niyong patayin na ako – well, I am not yet dead. I am going to fight to stay alive,” she said in the video.

Aquino, sister of the late president Benigno Aquino III, said she has 3 confirmed autoimmune conditions: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and Churg-Strauss Syndrome.

“Definitively confirmed after my 3rd skin biopsy was read by a pathologist here & in the US, meron po akong vasculitis, to be very specific – late stage 3 of Churg-Strauss Syndrome now also known as EGPA,” she explained.

Aquino said her team of doctors in the Philippines and abroad are all worried about organ damage in her heart and lungs, which is why they are all hoping for her to get to the US as soon as possible.

“Yung gamot that God willing can help save me doesn’t have FDA approval here or in Singapore and isasabay na po mag infuse ng chemotherapy as my immunosuppressant. Why? Allergic po ako sa lahat ng steroids,” she said.

According to Aquino, she will be leaving the country on Thursday “in an effort to save me, my life, my organs.”

“Siyempre if your veins are affected, your blood vessels, all the major organs will also be affected. It’s going to take a while, at least about two years before we know kung may effect.”

She said she decided to break her silence amid rumors about her condition.

“I’ve always been proud of my honesty & courage. Ginusto ko na maka lipad sana ng tahimik pero utang ko po sa mga nag darasal na gumanda ang aking kalusugan ang mag THANK YOU & to tell the TRUTH.”

To end her post, Aquino pleaded to netizens to spare her two sons from any hurtful things they intend to say following her update.

“Not for my sake, pero for my 2 sons, 1 in the autism spectrum & 1 only 15- kung balak niyo pong mambastos or mag comment ng masakit o masama, sa mga sarili nyo na lang pong IG, FB, or chat group sana gawin. Hindi niyo po ako kailangan gustuhin para magpakatao… please don’t punish Kuya & Bimb for being my sons. Hindi po masama ang maglakas ng loob at magsabi ng sobrang bigat na katotohanan.”

Aquino has been chronicling her battle with her autoimmune conditions, which have resulted in her deteriorating health and drastic weight loss. (MNS)

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