Board Member Martinez to Introduce Good Food Resolution

 Special Appearance by White House Executive Chef in Support

Los Angeles Unified School District logo

 WHAT:           The Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) “I’M IN” campaign will host a sit down dinner for students, parents and educators at Cardenas Elementary on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012along with Former White House Executive Chef Walter Scheib in support of the District’s efforts to ensure that its more than 700,000 students have access to nutritious and wholesome food daily.  “I’M IN” is an all-inclusive program designed to raise awareness about the District’s healthy meals to help fight childhood obesity, as well as to encourage student attendance.

During the dinner, LAUSD Board District Six Member Nury Martinez will also introduce the Good Food Procurement Resolution to attendees.  As a Good Food Leader in the community, the Good Food Procurement Resolution pledges to prioritize nutrition, affordability, geography and sustainable production practices including sound environmental practices.  LAUSD serves more than 650,000 meals daily.

 WHO:              Dr. John Deasy – LAUSD Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Nury Martinez, LAUSD District 6 Board Member
Chef Walter Scheib – Former White House Executive Chef

David Binkle – LAUSD Food Services Director

 WHEN:           Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012, 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

 WHERE:         Cardenas Elementary

Multi-Purpose Room
6900 Calhoun Ave.
Van Nuys, CA 91405