Lessons Lea Salonga learns from kids

Lea Salonga (MNS Photo)

Lea Salonga (MNS Photo)

MANILA (Mabuhay) – For seasoned singer Lea Salonga, grownups are easier to coach than kids.

After working on both “The Voice of the Philippines” and “The Voice Kids,” she said in a recent interview that it requires her more patience to mentor kids “which is weird.”

“With these kids, they know what they are doing and the adjustments that I have to make are slim to none; very, very slight. But there are adjustments that I have to make like ‘cut the adlib here go to the next verse…’ I have found that that I’ve not needed my storehouse of patience for children. I needed them for adults.”

Lea also noted, “Kids are easy to mold and are easy to teach because they are so open (to suggestions)… so doing ‘The Voice Kids’ was a pleasure for us.”

In dealing with adult contestants, Lea felt they carry with them “their emotional baggage, pre-conceived notions and stubborn habits.”

She related, “Trying to undo all of that is very, very difficult,” adding, “I think that is where I find myself tested.”

As “The Voice Kids” nears wrap up, Lea and other coaches Bamboo and Sarah Geronimo agree that things get tougher for them each season.

“We listened to so many people and all of a sudden there is a special person who makes us want to turn. We hear possibility. That’s what we hear when we finally turn around. We’re kind of guided not just by their talent but their sensibility that we think they would would be able to do in the future. It’s very tough on everybody. It’s tough on us, it’s tough on all of the kids,” she explained.

While at the home stretch, the semi-finalists – Kyle Echarri and Zephanie Dimaranan from Team Sarah; Elha Nympha and Sassa Dagdag from Team Bamboo; and Reynan Del-anay and Esang de Torres from Team Lea – have their work cut out for them.

“Nothing comes easy because everybody performs at their best, at this level in the competition,” Lea said.

Giving insight on what it’s really like behind the scenes, she shared, “The heartbreak that people see on TV, that’s real – probably more real in the studio. They don’t get a taste of it at the telecast but ’pag nasa studio ka talaga, it’s intense.” (MNS)

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