Liza Soberano (MNS Photo)

MANILA, June 1 (Mabuhay) — For the first time since her management switch went public, local screen superstar Liza Soberano opened up about her decision to “take the first leap” to jumpstart a potential career in the United States.

Soberano spoke about the new chapter in her life as a guest speaker at Identity, an annual festival organized by Pacific Bridge Arts Foundation to celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The Los Angeles-based event, which featured performances from Asian-American acts, was held on Saturday (Sunday, Manila time).

“It feels very surreal,” Soberano said of her being part of Identity 2022, as seen in a video of her turn on stage from MYX Global. “I am actually very nervous right now because this is my first time speaking on a stage in America.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to come over here and being able to do work here and so I am really happy, and excited and feel incredibly honored,” she added.

Soberano made headlines last week when her former talent manager, Ogie Diaz, revealed that the actress is now managed by James Reid, who is part of the US-based Transparent Arts group championing Asian-American talents.

Soberano, in her interview during Identity 2022, confirmed Diaz’s previous statement pertaining to her goal of establishing a career overseas, aside from the Philippines.

Asked what she would advise to fellow Asian talents who aspire to make it big in the US, she answered, “I would say to just go for it.”

“A lot of times, it can be scary to kind of go outside your comfort zone and I myself, I am experiencing that right now. It would be so much easier for me to stay back at home and do the same thing that I’ve always been doing.

“But my personal goal is to be able to bridge the gap between the Philippines and America and kind of give help to the younger generation, the little girls, who also dream of coming out here and making a career for themselves.I want make it easier for them when they do that in the future. And if that means me taking the first leap, so be it,” she explained.

During her interview with hosts Sherry Cola and Dumbfoundead, Soberano also discussed her experience of being the lead voice actress of Netflix’s “Trese,” and her advocacy work, including her being ambassador of Save the Children in the Philippines.

Soberano, however, was tight-lipped on future projects lined up for her. She di\d tease that “there’s a lot of exciting things in store.”

“[There’s] nothing really to talk about specifically, [but it involves] me trying to explore different opportunities out here and in the Philippines, stuff I’ve never done before, so please watch out for that.” (MNS)

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