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In a world filled with negative aura, comes the positive vision of porcelain art in all of Lladro’s porcelain pieces. In their Expressions brochure, their mission is stated as: “we want our work to have elegance, to be expressive, to exude life and to have feelings.” “We want them to reflect the good side of life, the positive values of a human being – all that dignifies life.”

Lladro, the world-renowned creator of fine porcelain, recently unveiled their new limited edition called “Elegant Foxtrot,” at a cocktail reception my media colleague Evelyn and I attended at the Lladro Boutique in Beverly Hills.

“Elegant Foxtrot,” Lladro’s new limited edition was presented to Dancing with the Stars co-host and Operation Smile Ambassador, Brooke Burke-Charvet by Angeles Lladro, Vice-President of Lladro who arrived from her home in Valencia, Spain. The limited edition piece was presented to Ms. Charvet in recognition of her work with Operation Smile. A portion of the proceeds at the recption will go to Operation Smile, represented by Dr. William McGee, son of the founders, Dr.Bill and Kathy McGee.

Oriental Garden

The limited edition “Elegant Foxtrot,” is a “dynamic and graceful creation that masterfully captures in porcelain the flowing movements of this romantic dance; an exquisite display of tecnihical precision and artisitc expression.”

The company, Lladro was established by the brothers Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro in 1958 in Valencia, Spain. Since then, the brand has undergone an amazing metamorphosis from an artisan workshop to a conglomerate company at the forefront of contemporary porcelain design. Due to its popularity, Lladro now has presence in over 120 countries which includes: Barcelona, Beijing, Beverly Hills, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kiev, London, Madrid, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Valencia to name a few.

On a brief interview with Angeles Lladro, Vice-President of Lladro and daughter of co-founder, Juan Lladro, their vision of porcelain art depicts “positive human values, culture and life” as seen in most of their pieces. One such example is their popular “Celestial Balcony” creation which transmits a message of “happiness as universal as it is timeless.” For the past several years, they have also expanded to include exotic Asian culture, because in the Far East, owning a piece of porcelain has traditionally been considered a prestige.

Lladro’s Japanese collection created by sculptor Salvador Debon (1923-2008), include delicately wrought pieces, which according to Angeles’ father, Juan Lladro “are noteworthy for the fine balance between the simple composition and the painstaking decoration, showcasing the sculptor’s sensibility.” In his “Oriental Garden,” for example, “ the complex composition includes up to ten different characters and a large variety of flowers. While the scene revolves around a highly realistic bridge, it also includes an abundant Japanese pine tree, as well as the fawns and herons, paying homage to the significance of nature in Japanese culture. “

Among Lladro’s depiction of Asian culture, Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune, happiness and beauty, described in ancient India’s great Sanskrit epic, “Ramayana” is decorated in accordance with her divine stature. Lakshmi is “seated on a large lotus flower, who showers her devotees with gold coins to bless them with her wealth.” The intricate work on this particular piece is defined in minute detail, from the “splendid hallowed crown to her luxurious robes, headdress and jewelry, which included the diamond nose-stud.”

According to Angeles Lladro, their sculptors “travel worldwide to depict culture and history and maintain quality in design down to its minute detail and technical aspect, because each new piece is a challenge for them.”

Now at Christmastime, Lladro offers a variety of gift selections from lovable cherubs to porcelain ornaments, vases and mirrors, alongside classic figurines with styles ranging from pure romanticisn to a taste of the orient.

Finally, Angeles Lladro said, “next year, Lladro will be celebrating our 60th anniversary and we’re hoping to include the Filipino culture by showcasing porcelain pieces of the “Black Nazarene,” or the “Santo Nino,” to complete our Asian collection.”

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