Lonely Planet's World's Best Spicy Food edition ©Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet’s World’s Best Spicy Food edition
©Lonely Planet

(Relaxnews) – Travel guide Lonely Planet has released a new book for chili and spice lovers that will allow readers to travel to exotic and remote locales via their taste buds.

To be released next month, “The World’s Best Spicy Food,” is a compilation of some of the most fiery, chili-spiked, and curry-soaked foods from around the world.

Dishes range from mainstream favorites such as Thai green curry and Sichuan hotpots to lesser known recipes like Doro Wat from Ethiopia — a stew of chicken and hard-boiled eggs in an Ethiopian berbere spice mix — and tteokbokki from Korea, rice cakes cooked in a red bean chili paste.

“This book is not about chilies alone, rather ‘spicy’ food in its every guise; the pungent, nose-clearing honk of wasabi, mustard and horseradish; pepper’s pep and paprika’s punch; the warming allure of cinnamon and mace, the bracing crunch of piccalilli,” writes food journalist Tom Parker Bowles (son of Camilla Parker Bowles).

“These are dishes to make the taste buds punch the air with elation, flavors that kick-start the palate and infuse every sense with joy.”

Parker Bowles is a cookbook author and has a weekly food column in The Mail on Sunday.

Each of the 100 foods in the Lonely Planet title is accompanied by a short history of the dish, the best places in the world for finding it, and a recipe so that readers can recreate the dish and travel halfway around the world without leaving their kitchen.

A glossary of exotic ingredients as well as alternative suggestions is also included.

The World’s Best Spicy Foods hits shelves March 14 for £15/€18.95.