Maggie Wilson (MNS photo)

MANILA, May 7 (Mabuhay) — Host and model Maggie Wilson said she is now “tougher than ever” as she opened up about going through “emotional distress” over the past three years.

In an Instagram post, the former beauty queen said the pandemic made it harder for her to cope, pushing her to seek help and do online therapy.

“In 2019, I went through one of the hardest challenges in my life emotionally. [The year] 2020 wasn’t any better. I thought things were getting better then I got hit again with more emotional distress. Then lockdown happened and that wasn’t easy for any of us,” she said.

“My weight was as up and down because of stress, my skin suffered, I couldn’t sleep, I was so broken. I still am, but I’m putting back the pieces together slowly,” she added.

Wilson went on to share that she now has “serious trust issues because of what’s happened in the past,” not giving further details.

“It doesn’t help that other people are also adding more grief, still trying to hurt me and make my life difficult, but I’m trying my best to handle it,” she said.

“I’m tougher than ever but sometimes I do have my down days and that’s okay.”

Moving forward, Wilson encouraged her social media flowers to “love yourself a little more, give yourself a pat on the back, and continue working on you,” saying everyone is “a work in progress.”

“We just need to recognize our mistakes, our flaws, acknowledge them, get help when we need it because no one else can help you if you don’t help yourself first. We make mistakes, but what defines us is how we learn from them,” she said.

Last year, Wilson announced her split with real estate magnate Victor Consunji.

They have a 10-year-old son named Connor.  (MNS)

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