Great-tasting chicken, grilled or fried, can be a delightful part of your next picnic or get-together. Photo: chicken

ONE of the most delicious things to do during the warmer months is to eat outside, and, fortunately, planning a picnic does not have to be a big production. Picnics can be spontaneous gatherings if you follow a few expert tips. Here’s what you need to do:

Pick the location. You can have a picnic anywhere – in your living room, backyard or on the front porch. Or you can choose a park with recreational activities such as basketball courts, volleyball courts or a playground.

Pack something to sit on. Keep a soft blanket and plastic tarp (in case the ground is wet) in the car so you can decide to picnic on the spot.

Stock up for spontaneity. Keep your picnic basket ready to go with unbreakable plates and glassware, and utensils, plus paper napkins. Tuck in a corkscrew, salt and pepper, trash bags and something to store leftovers in.

Keep condiments from fast-food restaurants and drive-throughs in the fridge because they are handy for picnic use.

Food For Thought

Let someone else do the cooking. One good idea, suggests KFC Corporate Chef Bob Das, is to get a mix of fried and grilled chicken.

Pick up a bucket from the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain to mix and match Kentucky Grilled Chicken with the Colonel’s Original Recipe or Extra Crispy Chicken. Packed with flavor, the grilled chicken is marinated and seasoned with a savory blend of secret herbs and spices and slow grilled by real cooks. New, bigger white meat breast pieces are marinated, delicious and convenient.

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