Marjorie Barretto (MNS Photo)

Marjorie Barretto (MNS Photo)

“Life is better now.”

This was how Marjorie Barretto described her relationship with youngest sister Claudine after they recently patched things up following years of being estranged.

“I’m happy na dumating na kami sa punto ng mga buhay namin na pagod na rin kami siguro [na hindi magkasundo]. Tumatanda na rin kami. Life is better now,” she said.

According to Marjorie, she is also happy to see her kids bond with their aunt.

“We are okay already and my kids are very happy na nakikita nila ulit si Claudine. She communicates with my children almost every day. Siyempre naman peace at all times is really better than no peace,” she said.

Meanwhile, Marjorie’s daughter Julia also shared how things changed now that they get to spend time with their aunt Claudine more often.

“It’s very nice to have her back. It’s like having another person to run to,” Julia said.

Over the past decade, Claudine, Marjorie and their other sister Gretchen have been estranged at different times due to conflicts within their family.

Julia’s debut last March paved the way for their family’s reconciliation. (MNS)