Marlou Colina’s Top 5 Sexiest Hair-do’s this Valentine’s Day

By Marlou Colina

The Instantly Sexy Bob

Of course, the Sexy Bob is a sure bet for any lady that wants to turn up the heat. The Bob is at its best when its asymmetrical begins right above the neck. Showing the back of the neck in Japanese (Asian) culture has been seductive for 1,000 years, believe when I tell you that ‘Man’ hasn’t changed much. For a pop, get a black rinse so your hair is fresh, shinny and soft. And lastly, to soften that dominatrix look, do a quick curl in the front with a hot curling iron. Instant sexy.

Beauty Queen Valentine

Long hair is for the Bombshells; if you’ve got it flaunt it. Layered natural cuts are sexist because they roll up the back when you where your hair down. Then, when you wear it up, no man can resist wondering, what it looks like when it’s down. But a tip: Choose a color. It’s much more alluring to have either Jet Black luxurious hair or Beautiful CoCo hair rather than highlights this year. See, Valentine’s Day is about playing the role, so highlights are kind of a middle ground between the Island Sexy and the Beauty Queen…which one are you?

Sassy Valentine

We all envy Ms. Short and Sassy. The bold and beautiful ladies, who can pull off that short sassy cut, please do. It is so sexy, and at the same time the Sassy Cut is the most low maintenance doo ever invented. And, if you want the sassy look without the sharp lines, I can throw in some Platinum for an ultra bold, yet softer look.

Vixen Valentine

A vixen is a lady that can get you to do anything. She can be anyone, and loves to play with her looks completely. That Hollywood Socialite that goes from Platinum Blonde to Butch Bob in the same week. Start with the Short Sassy, and then invest in some gorgeous wigs. Yes wigs, or may we say ‘Persona’s’. Any man would be pleased with the double-whammy shock of the two persona thing. Believe me ladies.

Sexy Baby Doll

The Dreamy Baby Doll has been the rage since Asian boarding school girls discovered their fist Barbie Dolls. The slightly exaggerated western make-up colors, the mini-skirts and of course the Bouncy Doo. The key to being a Sexy Baby Doll is the 2″, long curls, the blunt length lines and blunt cut bangs. As if you were just delivered to your Valentine straight from Mattel the doll makers.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day everyone!

Before you jump into a ‘look’, consult a professional stylist who can insure that your choice is age appropriate and will be flattering to your face. For more info on Marlou Colina, Celebrity Stylist and Founder of The Marlou Colina Salon and Celebrity Make-Up Line, visit His salon is located at 3848 Atlantic Avenue, Suite One in lovely Long Beach, California. Please call 562.988.3101 for more information.

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