MANILA, Oct 22 (Mabuhay) — With black-and-white photos of her in her wedding dress, Maxene Magalona opened up about her process of moving on from a separation on Monday, after recently confirming she is single.

Maxene Magalona (MNS photo)

Magalona, 35, mentioned being “single and childless” in an Instagram post last week, as she related having a positive perspective about having no family of her own.

Her candid confirmation of being single came nearly a year after the first rumors of her separation from her husband, Rob Mananquil, whom she married in January 2018.

Over the past year, Magalona would chronicle her journey of healing, without categorically saying whether it was from her failed marriage. That changed on Monday, as she used the hashtag #MoveOnWithMaxene and proceeded to share tips about moving on from a breakup.

Magalona specified seven ways, offering an explanation for each. Her tips, in order, were:

1.    Grieve. Cry. Feel the pain and let it all out.

2.    Pray for yourself and your ex.

3.    Surrender to the present moment and accept the situation as if you chose it.

4.    Be grateful for all the lessons and knowledge you gained in the relationship.

5.    Understand that your ex is also just like you—a soul who is figuring its way out through this lifetime.

6.    Focus on yourself. Us this time as a time of personal growth and development.

7.    Let go and let God.

As in her past posts about healing emotionally, Magalona notably made no mention of Mananquil in her Monday update. In fact, the actress would always decline answering questions from followers directly pertaining to her breakup or what caused it.

Magalona would instead remind fans that actors, despite being public figures, are human beings who also deserve their privacy especially when it comes to personal matters. (MNS)