Floyd Mayweather Jr. (right) delivers a right hook to Miguel Cotto's head in this bit of action on his way to a unanimous victory to remain unbeaten in his professional career. Photo: Dr. Ed dela Vega

By Rod Mijares, Balita, Las Vegas

Pound for Pound king Floyd Mayweather, Jr. captured the WBA Super Welterweight World title last Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas by defeating the defending champion Miguel Cotto in a unanimous decision in front of 16,047 boxing fans that translated into four dollars short of $12 million in gate receipts.  With the win, Mayweather also captured the vacant WBC Super Welterweight Diamond Belt.

Including circuit TV telecast, Richard Schaeffer, the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions said that around 26,000 people in Las Vegas alone watched the fight. What was different from the previous fights was that the arena was already full to capacity even from the start because of the quality of the protagonists that lined-up “Ring Kings” boxing event on Cinco De Mayo which was jointly promoted by Mayweather Promotions, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions.

It was not an easy win for Mayweather as Cotto did not lose without a good fight.  The fight was even close than what the judges’ cards suggested, 118-110, 117-111 and 117-111.

From the start of the first round until the end, Mayweather was always pinned to the corner where Cotto did his damage.  Did Mayweather run?  Mayweather shed his old tactic and showed up fighting toe-to-toe with Cotto.  He defended himself mostly with his upper left arm and ducking from Cotto’s punches.  But, some hit their intended targets.  Mayweather either trade punches at the corner or moved to the center where he would unleash his two left upper cuts and right hooks in combination.

“Things happened tonight and we both had to fight.  But the main thing is that we got the victory.  I think tonight was a cool fight.  The fans were happy.  It is about impressing fans and giving them what they want to see,” Mayweather said.  “The right hook and the uppercut were working for me tonight.  I knew the right hook was going to be my money shot.  A lot of times and these days you don’t see fighters using the right hook, only the left.  But tonight I wanted to use the right hook and that is what I did.”

In the second round, Cotto literally lifted Mayweather to the ropes as the crowd reacted.

The sixth round belongs to Cotto as he connected with a power left punch to Mayweather’s head.  Cotto was bouncing up and down full of energy.  Mayweather surmised Cotto was ready for the fight.  “I sensed that sometimes Miguel was breaking down and then he would come back sharp.  Miguel Cotto is in shape.”

The eight round resulted in an almost even exchanges between the two protagonists at close range.  Mayweather’s nose was bleeding and has to be attended meticulously.

In the twelve round, as both fighters were bouncing.  Mayweather threw a left hook but missed.  Cotto pushed him down almost out of the ropes.  Mayweather was so upset and questioned Cotto for it.  Mayweather fuming bombarded Cotto with a series of combinations as they met in the center of the ring.  Mayweather scored with a left hook to end the fight and finally got the win.

At the post-fight news conference, Mayweather blamed Bob Arum for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight debacle.  “Bob Arum is not going to let the fight happen.  It’s not on me.  I went to him (Pacquiao) and offered him 40 million dollars and will talk to him directly.  I will wire him 20 million dollars within 24 hours but he turned me down.  He basically said 50-50.  How can you ask for 50-50 when you are not doing the same numbers I have been doing.  At first, you go back to read the article, he said he will do it for less.  Then it was like I don’t want to take my blood.  So there is a problem just to make this fight and the public is being fooled.  Bob Arum is not going to let this fight happen.  So when Pacquiao is free from Bob Arum, will the fight happen?  Absolutely.”

Will Pacquiao bolt out of Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions the same way Shane Mosley absconded out of Golden Boy Promotions to fight Manny Pacquiao?  Filipinos believe in some adage that “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and “Those who did not look back where they came from won’t reach their new destination.”  As Pacquiao is loyal to Michael Koncs even how many bad issues he brought to Pacquaio’s team, what more of Pacquiao’s loyalty and appreciation to Bob Arum who has been promoting him since the very start of his young boxing career and who sees to it that only success come his way.  Pacquiao will not jeopardize this mutual relationship.  Barring any miracle, let us not keep our fingers cross as hoping for a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is only an exercise of futility.

In the other co-featured main event, the 21-year old Saul Canelo Alvarez (40W(29KOs), 0, 1) retained his WBC Light Middleweight title by defeating Shane Mosley who is almost twice his age at 40-years old but stood his ground and fight till the end.  Canelo was calling for Mayweather, Cotto and even Pacquiao for his next fight.

“Yes I’m definitely ready to fight on a higher level. I’m ready for the best.  I’ve gained a lot of experience tonight and I am ready to fight bigger fighters.  I would like to fight one of the two main fighters, Mayweather or Cotto.  This is what I deserve the most.”