Melanie Marquez (MNS photo)

Melanie Marquez (MNS photo)

Former beauty queen Melanie Marquez is planning to release a book about “Melanisms” – a collection of erroneous expressions attributed to her.

“I just hope this year. In the right time. Timing lang po iyan,” Melanie said.

She says she is creating the tone simply, “para lahat mag-enjoy – isa na ’ko roon.”

Melanie gained notice when she won the Miss International crown in 1979.

It was during the same pageant that she made the first of many seemingly innocent linguistic mistakes.

Asked by one of the judges, American actress Angie Dickinson, if she would want her legs insured for a million dollars, she responded, “I won’t change my legs…because I’m contented with my ‘long-legged.’”

She uttered the latest of these goofs when interviewed after surviving a vehicular mishap in the US last February.

Nagpapasalamat lang ako sa Diyos na walang complication, kasi pwede ako ma-parasite dahil sa car accident,” she quipped, meaning to say “paralyzed.”

Of her lapses, the 49-year-old beauty queen-actress-personality development coach explained, “Eh kasi naman, may pagkabulol ako, na sometimes po, ’yung gusto ko talagang sabihin, iba ’yung nabibigkas ko.”

Melanie doesn’t mind that some find it funny, “as long as I can express myself and you guys can understand me.”

She added, “It’s nice also to laugh at yourselves, lalo na sa mga mistake sa grammar ko, sa dami ng problema rito, sa buhay natin, I don’t think I should be negative.”

“So what? I’m not an American! Pilipino ako, and I’m proud to be Pilipino. Yehey!” (MNS)